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Money is the root of this evil

A well-known economist said that currency debauching unleash the forces of destruction only a very few can see. I find what you said applies as time showed the economies of many developed countries increasingly weak today after currency games. Despite this, many people still chose to ignore the advice because currency debauching made people feel rich as you could buy more things and this was compounded by the creation of credit card in 1951 where people now could use the debit card to purchase goods. All these can be attributed to 1 the root and that is money.

Today, money is the cause of the weakening of economies because they want to control supplies of money people use to need more of their money. We need more money, more, the weaker we become, the more we are dependent on the Government. All these make the rich richer as more passive income received from interest payments by printing more money. Now let’s look at how much money has weakened the u.s. economy.

From 2000 to 2007, the largest export was America’s debt. Today, the Government of the United States issued a record number of bonds, incurring massive amounts of debt to devalue the US dollar to stimulate the economy. This caused many currency wars with countries such as Japan and also trying to devalue their currencies to maintain export competitiveness.

With such currency Wars going on, the United States will have the rack up more debt to increase the money supply and this will be an infinite loop because other Nations there will allow Exports to be less of them.

However, the United States has to do so because the economy can grow only now to get into debt. This was the reason for its growth to date. To quote, household debt to disposable income rose less than 40% in 1952 to 133% in 2007, amounting to US $ 2.56 trillion in consumer debt.

To add on, bank debt increased by 21% rose in 1980 to 116% of GDP in 2007. All these show that the United States can only grow with the debt which pose a threat to the economy. So, when the world will talk of a bubble, the bigger is in fact the American debt bubble and as a word of caution, economies around the world are following in the footsteps of the United States today.

With the debt being run today, the world economies will usher in an inflationary era where savers are losers. This is because inflation silently eating away the purchasing power of savings. Given the growing trend today for debt, inflation will rise and accelerates the rate of money eroded. So, contrary to what experts say, I don’t think that saving is good for the day.

However, while money can be the root of an evil, can also be the source of good and an example will be wealth. Sun Tsu said, know your enemy and yourself to win a hundred battles. So, a good way to be rich is to know yourself and your money. In other words, unlike economies around the world is trapped in a chasm of debt, you should check the personal cash flow and monitor the cash flow of the world for which money flows to you where to find opportunities to become richer.

So to conclude, given today’s economic situation, it is reasonable to say that money has brought us so far. Brought us growth but also dangers with it. However, to say that it’s the root of all evil is unfair and why it would be too much of a sweeping statement. However, it would be apt to make it responsible for economic weakness, because many of today’s crises are the fruits of debt.

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